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Bookkeeping Services

We offer bookkeeping services so you can spend your time more productively on your business. Bookkeeping functions are critical when it comes to growing your business, but can be a challenge to your staff and management. We can determine your needs and develop an effective solution that works best for you. Our bookkeeping services include Account Reconciliations, Payroll Support, Managing Fixed Assets, General Ledger Maintenance, Financial Reporting and Cash Management & Reporting.

Bookkeeping services are available to large and small businesses. Whether you need assistance every day or once a quarter, we are available to provide these services in your office or ours.

We also offer QuickBooks set-up and training for your business.

Six reasons to switch to QuickBooks financial software:

  1. Produce meaningful reports for management or a Board of Directors
  2. Be prepared for your year-end audit or tax return
  3. Calculate and print your own payroll checks
  4. Check your cash flow
  5. Compare actual expenditures to your budget
  6. Reduce time spent recording transactions after they occur

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QuickBooks Tip

NSF Check Procedure for QuickBooks:

Under the item list, create some new items:

  • "Bad check" item (type is 'other charge') that points (or maps) to the bank account. Description can be "Nonsufficient Funds Check returned by bank."
  • "Bad check charge" item (type is 'other charge') that maps to the bank charge expense account. Description can be "NSF check charge." This is what you are going to charge the customer for bouncing the check. It may be more than you are charged by the bank

Create an invoice for the individual using these two items.

  • Bad check – use amount of original check. This will place it back on their accounts receivable and it will deduct the amount from the bank account
  • Bad check charge – use the amount that you are charging the customer. This will put the amount on their accounts receivable and DEDUCT it from your bank charges in QuickBooks. This lowers the amount you are expected to shoulder as an expense.

Record the bank service charge in the bank account register as a check. Check number will be "EFT," and the amount will be what the bank is charging YOU. Choose the expense account associated with the bank charges.

When the person pays, use the Customers/Receive Payments window to clear the invoice and deposit the money.